The time has come, studio Just1337 has released their second game, and according to the feedback received back from the users, it's good, more then good actually, it's great. The game is space shooter based, in a real sense of the word, meaning it takes you back to those wonderful childhood days when we played first computer games, and lets be honest, we probably went trough a space shooter phase. Here we have a chance to experience that feeling once again, cause Asteroid Bounty Hunter is all that and more. 

The game is the second release from a newly formed Croatian Indie studio Just1337. Main objective of the game is to go on quest where you need to destroy a certain number of asteroids, heading towards populated planets, and also battle other bounty hunters, who are there to take a piece of the prize, and also trying to destroy you. Every few levels you will encounter a boss fight, meaning, another bounty hunter with totally unique mechanics will try to stop you from advancing further into the game, and you will have to battle him.


The game is finished, we are very pleased with the results that we produced, but at the end of the day, it's for you that the game is intended, so we are preparing for a mass beta testing.


As you may already know, our first game launched in mid December last year, so it's about right and time that we make it more affordable for all you fans.


Last week the second game we made hit the greenlight process. We are extremely happy to inform you that in a record of 1 week we hit not only the top 100, but also managed to climb on a astonishing 13. place. That's huge guys!!!