Last week the second game we made hit the greenlight process. We are extremely happy to inform you that in a record of 1 week we hit not only the top 100, but also managed to climb on a astonishing 13. place. That's huge guys!!!

What Asteroid Bounty Hunter basically is?

Well do you like shooting at stuff? Blowing them up? Of course you do, I can't imagine someone who doesn't. 
Add to all of this multiple weapons of choice and a mission, and you got yourself something similar to Asteroid Bounty Hunter.

Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a space shooter, based on destroying, or to better put it, saving the nearby planets from asteroids, you get a mission for every new level to destroy a certain amount of asteroids. While doing so, you earn upgrades points, which you can spend on offensive or defensive abilities. But there is more, through the game you will encounter over dozens of boss levels, each being unique and challenging you to figure a pattern to defeat him, and a vast number of other smaller bounty hunters, trying to get their share of the prize.

So without further ado, head over to greenlight page, for more information, and a small trailer so you get the big picture about what we imagined, stay tuned.